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Full Membership

Full membership is for direct descendants of a King's Daughter and/or a soldier of the Carignan Regiment. There is a one-time application and verification fee of US$20.00, together with documented lineage plus US$15.00 annual dues (total US$35.00).


Please print out the following Full Membership Instruction and Application Packet.   When completed, mail the application and lineage chart with your check for US$35.00 to:  SFRSC, PO Box 220144, Chantilly, VA 20153-6144

    Full membership benefits include:
  • Biannual newsletter, SENT BY THE KING, featuring articles on individual filles du roi and Carignan soldiers of 17th century New France, the history of the period, member's lineages, book reviews, information on publications, research tips, general French Canadian genealogical information, queries and data exchanges, websites concerning French Canadian genealogy, and related topics.
  • Exchange of genealogical data through our membership database.
  • Exchange of copies of original records and other documents pertaining to these ancestors from our Société collection, for and from members with ancestors in common.
  • Voting rights at the on-line membership meetings of the Société.
  • Certification of lineage of the member upon submission of supporting documentation, including a membership certificate, suitable for framing.
  Associate Membership  Associate membership is for those persons still researching their lineage or who have no direct ancestor but are interested in this subject. Membership is US$15.00 annual dues.
     Please print out the APPLICATION FOR ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP and mail it along with your check t:o SFRSC, PO Box 220144, Chantilly, VA 20153-6144..

Associate membership benefits include:

  • Biannual newsletter, SENT BY THE KING.
  • Exchange of information with members
   Email: info@fillesduroi.org

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