La Société des Filles du roi et soldats du Carignan, Inc.
Guidelines for the Submission of Articles
Members are encouraged to submit manuscripts for consideration of publication. Submissions from authors who are not members of the society are also welcome. Articles should pertain to one or more of the Filles du roi or soldats du Carignan Salières Regiment, be relevant to life in seventeenth-century Quebec, or address the process of researching these French-Canadian pioneers. Articles concerning a member's travel to Quebec, to France, etc. to research or pursue their French-Canadian heritage are welcome, as are articles about recipes from our French Canadian culture. Articles relating to the descendants of the Filles du roi and Carignan soldiers and/or pertaining to French-Canadian culture and history found to be relevant to the Société’s mission by the editors are welcomed. Pedigree and lineage records, consisting solely of dates of birth, marriage and death will not be accepted.   
Articles must be the author’s work, unless otherwise noted. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of any submitted material. The sources of information must be included. The author of the submitted article owns the copyright, but the society requests that, if it is later published elsewhere, it includes the phrase “first published in Sent by the King.” The Journal will also publish articles that have first appeared in another publication with the permission of the author and/or copyright holder. If an individual offers someone else's article or photo, we can publish it if we are provided written permission to do so from the original author or photographer or if it is determined to be in the public domain.
The journal is published twice a year. The deadlines for the submission of manuscripts for the Spring issue is January 15 and for the Fall issue is July 15.  However, we encourage submission of proposed articles as early as possible. Electronic submissions in Microsoft Word should be in Times New Roman font and in font size 12. Please submit by email to Articles may be from one to ten pages. The Journal Committee may shorten lengthy articles to fit available space or publish the article in two parts in consecutive journals.
The Journal Committee reserves the right to edit submitted material for punctuation, spelling, grammar, appropriateness and obvious error. If significant editing is required, the committee will return the article for reorganization, rewriting, or other changes, as appropriate. The Journal reserves the right to apply its style guide for paragraphs, indenting, font type and size, source citations, etc. 
The Journal Committee reserves the right to accept for publication only that material that it deems suitable and within the guidelines outlined above and to decide when the article will be published. Submission of an article by the deadline date does not guarantee placement in the next published issue. The Editorial Committee will take into consideration when the article was submitted, the length of the story, and other material on hand that is ready to publish.
Click here to download a PDF of the Guidelines for the Submission of Articles.