La Société des Filles du roi et soldats du Carignan, Inc.

Become a Member

Membership dues for all members (Full Members and Associates) are US $20.00 per year. Our membership year begins on November 1 and ends on October 31 of the following year.
For Full Membership, there is a one-time fee of US $20.00 for certification, in addition to the US $20.00 annual dues (total US $40.00). Each additional certification after approval of your first ancestor's lineage requires payment of a one-time fee of US $10.00. All payments from outside the USA must be made by bank draft or money order in US dollars and drawn on a US branch of your bank. We provide full members with a certificate of lineage, suitable for framing.
Full Membership
To apply for full membership, please download the following application and instructions.
The application may be filled out electronically but must be submitted in printed form, along with proofs (supporting documentation) and your check for US $40.00. For payments from outside the USA, please see above. Mail your application package to: SFRSC; PO Box 48102; Tampa, FL 33647-9998. (We are not able to accept applications by email and we are not able to accept checks or money orders drawn on a bank outside the USA - see above.)
Associate Membership
To apply, please print out the Application for Associate Membership and mail it along with your check to: SFRSC, PO Box 48102; Tampa, FL 33647-9998 Please see above for payments made from outside the USA.
Information submitted by members is private and not shared by the Society without permission, except for publication in the journal and at the annual meeting of names of members with State/Province only and with their Filles du roi/Carignan ancestors, and as submitted in articles by members.